About Our Business

Remotes2003 have been in a business since October 2003. We
incorporated our business in February of 2004.

Our vision,  mission statement is to save our customers great deal or
money by purchasing our keyless entry remote for their vehicles. We sell
new and used keyless entry remotes and programming instructions. Why
pay $120 when you can pay $25 !!!

We started on ebay as a small seller. Now we 2nd larges Ebay store with
keyless entry remotes and programming instructions. Ebay was a great
learning experiance for us. Ebay has great system for measuring
cusotmers satisfacttion. Every one can leave their option about the other
party. We have have sold over several thousand keyless remotes and
were able to maintain 99.9% satisfaction rating . We are very proud of
that. This is the way we do business. We are happy or your money back!

We currentry have 2 employees and a few proffesionals working for us as
well. Our competitive advantage ais the ability to sell you the same
prodeuct as dealer would (not always new) and provide you with
programming instrucitons that are easy to follow.
This way not only you can save a lot of money but also time and
flustration by not going to your local dealership.

We currenty sell to many small dealerships, who care about their
customers, wholesale businesses and individuals.

Remotes2003 Inc
945 Walnut Creek Drive
Lilburn, GA 30047

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